KAS Counselling is - Kirsty Sanderson and Alex Sanderson-Shortt.
It is a family company bringing together our expertise and specialisms as relationship counsellors. In addition to marriage counselling, we work with people in all types of relationship.
We counsel individuals, and offer a unique range of counselling services in Chester and Northwich. We offer a confidential, professional service.
We work effectively with you to help you achieve your goals.

More About Us

As brother and sister ...

We are both Relate trained relationship counsellors We also have extensive additional training and experience of working with individuals and families. As brother and sister, we bring a distinctive family dynamic to our practice. KAS counselling is also a way for us to remember the person who inspired us to become counsellors. Our mum, Carole, known as Cas. Carole was a relationship and family therapist for many years. She was a highly respected and successful counsellor, with an amazing ability to connect to and understand people. She is the person that inspired and guided us on our journey. As a family, we had our share of problems! We all experienced counselling in one form or other to help us. So, we recognise the potential we all have to grow and change through counselling.

Although we are related we have different approaches to counselling (and life in general). It is these differences that help us balance our work. We are separate, but we are connected. And it is this connection that gives us a unique approach to our work. We also have different areas of specialist interests and expertise. Alex is based in Northwich. He specialises in counselling: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients. He is a highly skilled relationship counsellor who works with heterosexual couples. Kirsty is also a highly skilled marriage and relationship counsellor working in Chester. She specialises in marriage counselling, relationships and working with young people. You can find out more about our work as therapists through the tabs at the top of the page. Reading this page may just be the first step on your journey. Give is a call or drop us a note using the contact section to discuss how we can help. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read our story.