Anxiety and Depression – Counselling in Chester

When you feel anxious or depressed, it can often feel like you’re alone in what can be an extremely dark place. We truly believe that having someone to talk to about your dark feelings can be very beneficial – our counselling sessions aim to help you begin to understand why you are feeling anxious and/or depressed, providing you with someone who will listen.

Our counselling services in Chester are provided by Kirsty who is highly experienced when it comes to providing a safe space for patients to come and speak about their feelings. From her private therapy room in Chester, she offers a comfortable environment for anyone who may need depression or anxiety counselling.

At KAS Counselling in Chester, we also have experience in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy which has proven to be particularly effective with patients facing anxiety and/or depression.

To find out more, or to book your first counselling session, please get in touch.

Non-Judgemental Safe Space

Anxiety and depression can have an extremely negative affect on your daily life, and can often impact other aspects such as work and relationships.

Not having anyone to talk to can lead to what may feel like a downward spiral, which can leave you feeling out of control. This is where our counsellors come in.

Our private therapy room in Chester offers a safe, non-judgmental space for you to come and offload your feelings, discussing as much or as little as you like to help you follow the road to recovery.

Admitting you need help is a difficult, but extremely brave first step, so be sure to choose KAS Counselling to ensure you receive the professional counselling services that will help you navigate your anxiety, and understand your depression.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) is designed for adults, children and young people. Horses have a unique ability to evoke feelings, and interacting with them can provide an opportunity for patients to explore their dark thoughts in a way they had not considered before.

Horses are intelligent and sensitive animals, and these sessions have proven effective when dealing with anxiety and/or depression.

Our Chester counsellor, Kirsty, is highly experienced and fully qualified in providing these psychotherapy counselling sessions, allowing patients to get the most out of the practice. To find out more, please email

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At KAS Counselling, we are here to listen. If your anxiety is controlling your life or you need to talk to someone about your depression, our counselling sessions in Chester could be the best solution.

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