Counselling Services in Northwich

At KAS Counselling, we believe that having someone to talk to when suffering with poor mental health can lift a weight off your shoulders and be a great help.
Whether you are facing issues in your relationship, you feel depressed, or perhaps you are struggling to navigate your sexuality, we are proud to offer a wide range of counselling services in Northwich, and a safe space to come and talk.
Alex Sanderson-Shortt offers counselling sessions from our base in Northwich. As well as a Masters in Relationship Therapy, he’s achieved a certificate in CBT skills and a Post Grad Diploma in Relationship Therapy for Gender and Sexual Diversity clients.
Whatever your sexuality, gender, age or ethnicity, at KAS Counselling, you will always receive the highest quality of counselling service to help you process your emotions and deal with your feelings.

Relationship Therapy

There are many factors that can put strains on a relationship. Perhaps you’re concerned your partner is cheating, there’s been a breakdown in communication and you might be feeling anxious about the future. Talking about your problems in counselling is the first step to understanding your emotions and working out what to do next.
We offer our relationship counselling sessions in Northwich to anyone who may need them. Whatever your relationship status, whether its marriage, a gay relationship or trans-relationship – whoever needs our counselling, we are trained to offer the best possible service.
It’s not just romantic relationships we can help with. If you’re noticing issues within your family and need someone to talk to, our counsellor in Northwich can offer the help you need.


Wherever you identify across the gender and sexuality spectrum, we are able to offer professional counselling to help with whatever issues you may be facing.
Alex has extensive training in this field and has experience in dealing with problems associated with coming out, homophobia, transphobia, working with partners, family acceptance, exploring Kink and BDSM safely, problems with sex, jealousy in poly/open relationships, violence and abuse, managing personal change, addictions, anxiety, drink and drugs (including chemsex).
Whatever you would like to talk about, our counselling rooms in Northwich offer a confidential, non-judgmental and safe space for us to help you explore your feelings and emotions, and to help you achieve greater happiness within yourself.

Book a Session Today

If you need someone to confide in and listen to your problems regarding sexuality, relationships, and mental health, get in touch with KAS Counselling today.
Our counselling sessions in Northwich are tailored to help you understand why you feel the way you do and what can be done to help. We are fully qualified to work with clients from 16 years and older, so whatever you wish to share with us, take the first big step and get in touch.
Give Alex a call on 07769 206 540, email, or get in touch using the online contact form.