Family Therapy

The word ‘family’ has lots of different meanings, and will often depend on your own situation and background. In family therapy, we are happy to work with any collection of people who define themselves as family and have an emotional connection. We work hard to ensure all people are able to talk about their emotions, whatever their place in the family. We offer family therapy from our base in Chester.

Life can be complicated when there is only yourself to think about. It gets harder when there is a partner. Include other family members and all of a sudden some of the things life throws at you can get very difficult. It may be a change in physical well being, a new job or unemployment, new arrivals into the family mix, loss of members of the family, mental illnesses or other issues such as alcohol, eating disorders and so on. Any one of these things is hard to manage on their own, and family therapy could be what is needed to help everyone affected come to terms with the situation.

The therapeutic process requires structure so that everyone there gets the opportunity to have their say, but also to properly hear what is being said by the others. Often different sessions will have different members of the family present to allow a picture to be built up of what the situation is and how best to proceed. This can often be the hardest part and our training and experience will help with this so that the family can make the changes they want.

If you would like to book a session or have any queries, please email me, give me a call on 07432 659 337 or complete the form at the contact tab.