Relationship Counselling in Chester

At KAS Counselling, Kirsty and Alex are both Relate-trained relationship counsellors providing holistic services for a range of relationship issues.

We understand the importance of feeling safe and comfortable within all your relationships, be that romantic, family or friendships, which is why we offer relationship counselling to help you understand whatever problems you are facing.

Kirsty offers relationship counselling in Chester, and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in any of your relationships and believe you would benefit from a relationship counselling session, don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your first consultation.

Counselling for Couples or Individuals

Whether you wish to attend relationship counselling sessions together as a couple, or you’d rather take a session as an individual, whatever you feel most comfortable doing, we are able to accommodate.

We can cover a range of topics that may benefit from each member of the relationship attending. However, you may wish to begin counselling sessions individually to start with.

No matter your age, sexuality or relationship status, our relationship counsellor in Chester will be happy to listen to whatever issues you may be facing, allowing you to talk over feelings and emotions in a non-judgmental and non-biased environment.

Marriage Counselling in Chester

Kirsty is fully trained to provide marital counselling sessions, to married couples of all ages and sexualities. We listen carefully to whatever problems and stresses your marriage might be causing, helping you to hopefully work through the issues and go on to live a long happy marriage.

Too many couples jump to divorce at the first sight of trouble. Marriage counselling could be a better option to help you tackle the issues, and focus on your relationship.

Book Your Relationship Counselling Consultation

If you believe that your relationship could benefit with some counselling, perhaps due to a breakdown in trust, or reduced communication causing stress – whatever the problem, contact KAS Counselling in Chester for effective relationship counselling sessions.

Call Kirsty on 07432 659 337 or email her at with any questions, or to book your first counselling session.