Relationship Counselling in Northwich

Here at KAS Counselling, we offer a range of relationship counselling services in Northwich. Both of our counsellors Alex and Kirsty are Relate-trained relationship counsellors, and can listen to you, whatever relationship issues you may be facing.

Feeling comfortable and happy is an important part of any kind of relationship, be that a marriage or not. We provide relationship counselling whatever your age, sexuality or relationship status to help you understand what problems you may be facing in a non-judgmental environment.

Alex offers his relationship counselling in Northwich to a range of clients, and has a great expertise in LGBTQ+ relationships.

Whatever problems you are facing, relationship counselling can be extremely beneficial if you need someone not-involved to talk to. Please get in touch to book your first session.

Counselling for Couples or Individuals

KAS Counselling offers relationship counselling sessions that can be attended by both parties, or as an individual.

We understand that there are benefits to both methods of counselling, which is why we provide both, allowing you to feel truly comfortable during the session. This will let you express whatever feelings you may be having and develop an understanding of how to solve any problems that you may be facing within your relationship.

Alex has specialised in LGBTQ+ relationships, but all of our counselling services are open to everyone, whatever your age, relationship status or sexuality, offering a non-judgmental environment and safe place to talk.

LGBTQ+ Relationship Counselling

Alex holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy for Gender and Sexual Diversity.

Whatever your relationship status, our LGBTQ+ relationship counselling can cover a multitude of problems that you may be facing in your relationship.

We understand that the LGBTQ+ community can face extra pressures life, but we also understand that this isn’t always what you want to talk about.
So, whether your relationship problem is sexuality-related or not, we are happy to listen to whatever it is your relationship may be going through.

Book Your Relationship Counselling Consultation

Relationship counselling can be extremely effective in dealing with a multitude of relationship issues. Whether you are experiencing feelings of insecurity, lack of trust, or you simply need someone to talk things through to, our relationship counsellor in Northwich can help.

Call Alex on 07769 206540 or email him at to book your first counselling session, or to ask any questions you may have prior to booking.