Sexual Problems Therapy Chester & Northwich


Most of us will experience some kind of issues with sex, at some point in our lives. And this is true whatever our gender, sexuality or relationship status.

For lots of couples there are often changes in sex drive, especially as life changes occur. Sometimes the desire to have sex can fluctuate and often couples will find their levels of desire don’t match that of their partner.

Where there are issues around things like communication, feeling stuck in a routine or frequency of sex, we can deal with this in relationship therapy. We are entirely non-judgemental and believe the only “normal” is what’s right for you. We’ll help you explore your beliefs and thoughts about sex, and how you can change the way you communicate about sex to create a new way of experiencing your sexual relationship.

Psychosexual Therapy

Some people can experience physical problems with sex, and these respond well to a slightly different approach. Psychosexual Therapy (PST) is a more structured way of working that addresses all kinds of sexual problems. The kind of things PST is good for include:

  • Lack of arousal/ desire
  • Pain on intercourse (vaginismus and dyspareunia)
  • Erection difficulties (getting or maintaining an erection)
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Difficulties achieving orgasm
  • Lack of enjoyment or interest
  • Obsessive sexual behaviour/ activity
  • Sex following surgery/ illness

You don’t have to be in a relationship for PST to be effective, it helps individuals too. And because of our additional training and expertise you can be sure the work is suitable whatever your sexuality or gender identity/ expression.

How does it work?

We start by taking a really detailed history, about your family, your life and your relationship. These sessions are done individually and typically take 3 x 1-hour sessions per individual.  This helps us understand the things that have contributed to the problems as well as what keeps it going.

We then create a treatment plan, which consists of a set of structured exercises or experiments you will do in the privacy of your home. At no point will there be any contact between yourselves or the therapist in the therapy room. You then come back and give feedback, and we adjust the treatment plan based on your experience. We will continue to think about all the other things going on in your life, what your thoughts and beliefs about sex are, and how the experiments are going. We start you off really slowly, and build up only when you are feeling comfortable enough to do so.

During this part of the work you will typically come for therapy once a fortnight to give you plenty of chance to try the exercises and think about how they are going.

This structured approach helps you “relearn” sex, so that it can be an enjoyable and fulfilling part of your life and is shown to be very effective in helping people with all kinds of issues.

How much does it cost?

Psychosexual Therapy is an additional service that requires the counsellor to do work outside of the sessions in preparation for and consideration of the exercises.

The sessions cost £75 per session to take account of the additional resources and time needed.

What now?

If you are considering PST or have sexual difficulties and don’t know the best route to take, you can book an initial consultation with Alex which will be charged at the standard rate of £50. Here Alex will take some basic information and discuss with you the best options and give more details about the PST programme.