What is Counselling?

Our counselling sessions in Northwich and Chester are designed to offer anyone a safe space to talk about any issues you may be dealing with.

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, or you feel you would benefit speaking to someone about another aspect of your life, such as relationships, sexuality, family – whatever you wish to discuss, our counsellors are fully trained professionals and are here to help you through this time.

Both Alex and Kirsty are completely impartial and offer a non-judgemental environment for you to attend your counselling session in the strictest confidence.

What to Expect from Our Counselling Sessions

Whether you take your counselling sessions face to face in one of our therapy rooms in Chester and Northwich, or you take your session virtually either on video call or over the phone, you will always have someone to listen to exactly how you’re feeling.

During a session, based on your reasons for having counselling, we will take you through specific exercises and discussions that are designed to help you better understand your feelings, working out the source of your problems and developing effective coping mechanisms.

How many sessions you require will depend on your personal circumstances. All of our counselling services are tailored to the individual we are working with. We may offer information, but we will never tell you what to think or do.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Counselling

Alex and Kirsty are both fully qualified and offer slightly different approaches to their counselling methods.

Alex’s counselling sessions are based in Northwich, specialising in supporting LGBTQ+ clients that perhaps need support navigating their sexuality, relationships, or other pressures they may be facing.

Kirsty provides her counselling sessions in Chester. Her areas of focus are marriage and relationship counselling, and working with young people.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your counselling sessions is if you are open and honest with Alex and Kirsty from the start.

We understand that you may not have the best support network at home, but during your counselling session, you can say exactly how you’re feeling with completely no judgement. Our aim is for you to feel safe and feel confident disclosing and discussing sensitive issues.

Book an Initial Counselling Session Today

If you’ve been struggling recently and feel as though you would benefit from our counselling services, we are only a phone call away.

Booking your first consultation is the brave first step to taking control of your negative feelings. Please give us a call using the buttons below, or leave us a message using our online contact form.